Adventure & Team Building

  • Our program activities are customized to meet client goals/need.
  • Our staff are experts in facilitation, relationship-building & safety management.
  • 100% of clients surveyed in 2016 said they would hire us again.



Some of the most important lessons are learned outside of the classroom. Drawing upon Outward Bound’s 70 years of experience in experiential education, NYC Outward Bound Schools offers a range of Adventure and Team Building programs for students, teachers, and youth-serving organizations.  Each program is customized to meet the needs of your group, and uses adventure activities to promote community, character, and achievement.

Our programs are led by skilled instructors who have extensive training in youth development, group facilitation, and risk management.  Participants are taught new skills and then placed in real situations where they must apply the skills, exercise leadership, and practice teamwork. The exciting and challenging nature of the programs engage participants quickly, and through thoughtful facilitation, participants achieve a sense of accomplishing more than they ever thought possible.

These programs are offered year round and are tailored for content and length to meet the needs of the client.  Typically we work with youth in grades 6-12, and teachers and other youth workers.  Participants are usually grouped in Crews of 12 to 15, facilitated by 2 Instructors.

Typical Learning Targets of Adventure & Team Building Programs:

  • I can try new challenges and extend my comfort zone.
  • I can be an effective team member by participating fully in the activities to the best of my ability.
  • I can share and practice the responsibilities of leadership and followership during group challenges.
  • I can communicate effectively by offering my own ideas and listening to the ideas of others.
  • I can build trust by relying on my group, or members of my group.
  • I can reflect on my experience and think critically about how it applies to my everyday life.


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