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NYC Outward Bound Schools operates a growing network of Expeditionary Learning schools in partnership with the NYC Department of Education. Our college-preparatory schools bring demanding academics, community and character to NYC public schools in all five boroughs, ensuring that all students, regardless of background, are challenged and supported to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Our schools utilize the Expeditionary Learning school model, which is rooted in the principles and practices of Outward Bound, and support the development of student character and good citizenship while also fostering a culture of achievement. While each school is unique, all share common features including active, real-world learning that is often community- or service-based; a rigorous and interdisciplinary academic curriculum; longer class periods; membership in an advisory program called crew; and team-building adventures outside the classroom. All incoming students enjoy a three- to five-day backpacking orientation aimed at fostering group cohesion, communication skills, perseverance and the setting and meeting of goals.

Another hallmark of our schools is the breadth and quality of the professional development and other supports we provide to teachers and principals. Unlike teachers at most public schools, ours are continually supported through Expeditionary Learning’s renowned professional development program, which brings regional and national opportunities to every teacher and principal in our network as well as continual, on-site support. Principals are additionally engaged in sharing best practices with one another through our expanding Principal Leadership Program.

 “NYC Outward Bound is…defying the lie, defying the myth, defying the stereotypes about what children can and cannot do.”
—Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

"NYC Outward Bound is doing what everyone talks about doing: insuring that zip code does not determine one's destiny... They said,'We have a different way.' And their way was right. It was a more holistic, more comprehensive approach that addressed the entire [child], and they have had truly extraordinary success."
-Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 

“What NYC Outward Bound does is create self-possession and a sense of ownership over what one does and over one’s path - which is the key to so much of what works in education and, I dare say, to what works in life.
-Mayor Bill de Blasio 

“NYC Outward Bound, we think the world of you. We think you are outstanding: all the energy, all the work and the vision that you have -- but more importantly, your partnership with the Department of Education will allow our students to grow and prosper and be successful adults.”                                                                                                     -former NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott

“When you walk through the NYC Outward Bound schools, you really do get the sense that these kids are working with very high expectations, that they really are being pushed and prepared for college in all the ways possible.”
—Adam Tucker, Senior Program Officer, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Outward Bound’s involvement with the creation of new schools has had a direct impact of the success of our students. I appreciate your support as we build on our vision for public education: that all students will be given the tools they need to succeed in and out of the classroom.”
—Joel Klein, former Chancellor, NYC Department of Education

Recent News

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    NY1 Visits BCS's College March December 12, 2014

    For the third year in a row, NY1 visited our College March - this time at Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies. They interviewed students who will be first-generation college-goers and heard how well BCS prepares them for their academic futures.

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    In Film & In Print: Brooklyn Daily Eagle Celebrates College March December 12, 2014

    Brooklyn Daily Eagle returned to our College March, this time at our Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies. Both their print and video stories cover the March in great detail.

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    CBS Reports From Hahn & Baldwin Marches December 12, 2014

    CBS New York visited our James Baldwin School and our Kurt Hahn School for the College March. One Hahn student called the March "a step into adulthood."


Arne Duncan Addresses Our Students

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Governor Cuomo Praises NYC Outward Bound Schools

We honored Governor Cuomo at our 2013 Gala, where he praised NYC Outward Bound School's work in the City's public schools.

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Principals' Panel on NY1

Our principals hosted a panel on public education policy at the Talking Transitions tent, where several spoke with Errol Louis on NY1's Road to City Hall coverage.