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  • NYC Outward Bound Schools has schools throughout NYC.
  • There are over 150 EL Education schools across the country.
  • Our teachers receive an average of 15-25 days of professional development each year.

NYC Outward Bound Schools: Our Lead Partner

The Gaynor McCown School is operated by NYC Outward Bound Schools in partnership with the NYC Department of Education. NYC Outward Bound Schools supports a growing network of EL Education schools in NYC and brings demanding academics, community and character to public schools in all five boroughs. You can join NYC Outward Bound Schools on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nycoutwardbound, or on Twitter at NYCOutwardBound.

What is EL Education?

As with all schools in the NYC Outward Bound Schools' network, the Gaynor McCown School uses the nationally-recognized EL Education school model (formerly Expeditionary Learning), which is based on the educational principles of Outward Bound. EL Education schools deliver demanding academics through “learning expeditions”, which are hands-on, real-world projects that meet state and district standards. These projects inspire students to solve actual problems through original research and with the help of experts, who guide the process. They also provide intensive and individualized support in the development of student character and good citizenship, and in the building of a positive school culture. More about EL Education can be found at www.elschools.org.

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