Character Development

  • 96% of surveyed Leaders students said, "I feel safe and comfortable with my teachers."
  • 96% of Leaders' surveyed parents believe that teachers and parents/guardians think of each other as partners in educating children.
  • 93% of Leaders' surveyed parents agreed that teachers work closely with families to meet students' needs.


At Leaders we are crew not passengers, and students are known well and supported by adults. Crew allows all students to build positive relationships with 12 - 15 peers and their crew leaders, and this group becomes their school "family." Crews meet for one period every day and provide a space for students to receive academic support, share personal challenges, reflect on their growth, and strengthen their character development.

In ninth grade, all students participate in a free, week-long camping trip known as Crew Orientation. This experience transforms crews, and they return to school closer than ever.

In tenth grade, all students take part in our College Intensive, which gives them the chance to visit a half dozen schools and begin to plan for life after graduation.

Restorative Practices

We take an approach to discipline that is focused on changing behavior and repairing harm. Instead of handing out punishments, restorative practices allow students to reflect on and learn from their mistakes , and one of the main ways we do that is through circles. We use circles to celebrate, heal, share, and resolve conflicts. Whether they happen during crew or after a student returns from a prolonged absence, this practice creates a community that welcomes everyone.

Peer Mediation

Students selected to be peer mediators undergo six weeks of intense training before they are able to mediate conflicts between their peers. This program allows students to help each other and solves problems before they escalate.

Peer Mentors

Juniors and seniors who apply to be peer mentors are specially trained to act as role models for the community. They work closely with the ninth graders, helping them make the transition to high school, visiting their crews every week, and joining them on the Crew Orientation camping trip.

We are crew, not passengers.

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Restorative Practices

Since 2014, Leaders has had zero superintendent's suspensions as a result of our shift to restorative practices.

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