• Our school is grounded in a culture of high expectation & high achievement.
  • Our students get to apply their learning to real world situations.
  • Our students demonstrate their learning through high quality work products.

MAELS is a small 6th-8th grade middle school located on the Jerome Parker Education Campus in Staten Island. We were founded with the understanding that students have diverse learning needs and styles, and are committed to providing a learning environment which is responsive to these needs. We celebrate and support the variety of intelligences that all students bring to the classroom, and the goal of our dedicated faculty is to maximize potential for all through differentiated instruction.

As a member of NYC Outward Bound School’s network of EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) schools, MAELS places equal emphasis on character, community and academics. Our caring and dedicated team of teachers delivers hands-on, project-based instruction in a small setting alongside the exploration, fieldwork, and public presentations of learning that EL Education is nationally known for. We also provide Outward Bound adventure and discovery to all students for the purpose of building community, developing character, and instilling in all children the knowledge that they can achieve far more than they ever thought possible.

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