Learning Environment

  • Our students are taught to think critically & creatively.
  • Our students learn to solve problems & synthesize complex information.
  • Our students demonstrate their learning through high quality work products.

Our students, staff, families and community partners are committed to:

Building a Community of Learners
Establishing and maintaining a learning environment in which all students feel self-fulfilled, productive, valuable, emotionally and physically safe. We strive to create a climate of respect in which creativity, curiosity, individual risk-taking and personal excellence are achieved and can flourish. We hold a broad appreciation of the uniqueness of each student’s development, learning style, and way of being in the world. Such an atmosphere fosters the ability to take academic risks and to value differences and strengths in others.

Responsive Instruction
Differentiating instruction to meet the individual needs of our diverse group of students by designing and supporting flexible learning environments that best meet each student's needs. Students are directly involved with the environment and with hands-on learning experiences, resulting in more investment in and excitement about learning.  MAELS is a place to take risks, to try out new ways of thinking, to test intellectual limits, and to begin to find one’s unique voice.

A School/Parent/Community Connection
There is a special partnership between parents and teachers at MAELS. This partnership will become an increasingly vital part of our success in achieving our mission: to find the best of what is within each student and to guide students to develop the confidence and ability to try new things and to master them.

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Priority is given to incoming 6th grader who reside in District 31 and sign-in at an information session for the school.