Vision & Values

  • Our students are being prepared for the 21st-century workplace.
  • Our students are taught to think critically & creatively.
  • Our students learn to stand up for what they believe to be right.

A New Vision for a Sustainable Community

We empower students by helping them understand the impact of their daily actions as well as the actions of others.  By using New York City as our extended classroom, students learn that sustainability means meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  Through their authentic, project-based learning expeditions in all disciplines, as well as their experiences in science and technology, students become critical thinkers who gather information, carefully weigh their options, and make informed, thoughtful choices that effect change.  Our students, once empowered, will take action to maintain and create sustainable systems within their neighborhood, community, city, state, country, and world.

MELS graduates will be well prepared for success in college through demanding coursework and real-world fieldwork experiences with leaders in the sustainability movement.  Our graduates will have an edge on their peers by possessing an understanding of not only the challenges faced by their generation, but also of the innovative approaches to solutions in the fields of architecture, science, urban planning, and technology.  Our graduates, through their examination of the principles of sustainability, will be reflective young people who think about their choices and the impact of their actions.  They will approach decisions with confidence – resisting impulsivity, knowing how to identify potential choices, anticipating the likelihood of various consequences, and deciding which choice is best, not just for the immediate future, but also for the long term.  As a natural extension of the interdisciplinary projects created each year while studying at MELS, graduates will be prepared to be catalysts for change as they enter adulthood and will act to leave this planet in a better condition than it was found.

The Values That Guide Our School


Students will learn to be informed decision-makers who advocate for themselves and others as they examine the challenges that face our world and share possible solutions.


There is a responsibility shared by all those whose actions affect our world.

Success & Failure

Students need to feel successful to take risks and respond to challenges.  Students will also learn from their failures by persevering through tough times and turning challenges into opportunities for creativity and growth.

Intellect & Curiosity

Our school will build a culture of learning that is evident in the classrooms and activities created for all students.


A culture of mutual respect will be maintained by the entire school community.

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