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Adventure Retreats, which take place away from the office, school, or everyday environment, promote group cohesiveness, trust, peer support, perseverance, and positive communication through team building.

During Adventure Retreats, participants will be challenged to step out of their comfort zones, and build up their confidence and self-esteem though a progression of activities that require increasing skills which are learned and mastered step-by-step.

Our Course Director will work with your program staff to build an agenda that focuses specifically on the needs of the group and aligns with the goals and needs of the particular students.Adventure Retreats can be organized to include components such as high and low ropes courses, problem-solving initiatives, team building initiatives, and workshops on goal setting, conflict resolution, communication, and leadership.


About Team Building

Team Building initiatives are learning activities that require participants to work together to achieve a common goal and to use new, unfamiliar, and possibly uncomfortable modes of behavior and communication in order to succeed. Through thoughtful facilitation, our instructors enable participants to analyze their customary role in the group, to take risks, to try new ideas, learn new skills and to develop a community of high performing learners.

Whether the focus is to develop community, confidence, or leadership, Team Building initiatives provide excellent tools to challenge all participants, and enable them to reflect and learn. In addition, team building initiatives establish a work environment in which collaborative work and grouping is the norm, thereby preparing participants to work effectively and productively on various assignments.

A Note About Safety

All of our instructional staff members have many years of experience and training in leading adventure and small group initiatives. Safety is our first priority – we have an excellent safety record and we adhere to strict standards.

Participants must submit an NYC Outward Bound Schools Medical form & Liability Release forms at least two weeks prior to the program date. We reserve the right to deny or restrict participation in whole to anyone who does not submit a completed form or meet our screening criteria. This is for the participant’s safety.

Typical Learning Outcomes

  • I can participate in the activities, try new things and have fun! 
  • I can learn new things about the other participants in my group.
  • I can be a good team-member by participating fully in the activities, to the best of my ability.
  • I can be a good leader by offering my own ideas and listening respectfully to the ideas of others during group challenges.
  • I can trust and rely on my peers and instructors during trust-building activities. Through my respectful and safe behavior, I will give others reason to trust me.
  • I can reflect on my experiences and think critically about how they apply to my everyday life at school or home.


Wild Woozy (Low Ropes Challenge)

Two participants, starting at opposite ends of a cable, attempt to cross a 30-foot long cable strung between two trees; the cable is about two feet off of the ground. The other team members spot the climbers as they make their way across the cable.

River Crossing (Low Ropes Challenge)

The entire team must devise a way to get the group from one platform (about one foot off the ground) to another platform located about 20 feet away using just two boards. This initiative highlights the groups’ problem-solving abilities, communications, and responding to a crisis.

Spider’s Web (Low Ropes Challenge)

The whole team must get through a human-sized vertical web without touching any strands. This challenge requires a great deal of trust and start-to-finish planning to be successful.

Pamper pole (High Ropes Challenge)

One team member climbs to the top of a 30 foot tree where they attempt to stand up on top of the tree and jump for a trapeze bar hanging about three feet away.

The Log (High Ropes Challenge)

Participants climb to a wide beam that is inclined (about 35 feet up) and walk across its length (approximately 20 feet). For those wishing for a greater challenge, they can walk backwards on the beam or attempt the walk blindfolded.

Multi-Vine (High Ropes Challenge)

Participants climb a tree to a height of approximately 40 feet, then begin walking across a cable, using long ropes suspended from a top wire. The participant starts with one rope, walks as far as the rope will allow him or her, then reaches for the next rope, continuing in this fashion until they reach the end.


Participants are taught basic lessons on how to read topographic maps, navigate in the wilderness, and keep themselves and each other safe. Through these activities, participants build self-reliance, community, self-confidence and trust. Participants increase their understanding and appreciation of the environment.

Large Group Challenge

Each team develops a two-minute team presentation on their experience. A NYC Outward Bound Schools facilitator will ask questions that encourage participants to share stories on how teams tended to organize themselves around a challenge, what types of leadership surfaced and how they plan to apply this information to their own environment back at work.


9am: Arrival, introduction and large group icebreakers

9:15am: Split into small groups for Low Ropes Course

12pm: Lunch

1pm: High Ropes Course

3pm: Large group simulated activity

4:45pm: Large group closing and evaluations

5pm: Depart


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Pricing is negotiable based on school/organizational resources and program definition. 

Pricing for 1-Day Adventure Retreat
$161 per participant

Pricing includes lunch, snacks, instructional staff, site manager, activity equipment and NYC Outward Bound Schools Course Director, who will oversee all aspects of program starting from planning to implementation. Transportation to and from retreat center is not included.



Adventure Retreats take place in a number of locations. We have existing partnerships with three specific sites, listed below.

Sharpe Reservation, Fishkill, NY (Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from NYC)

Taconic Outdoor Education Center, Cold Spring, NY (Approximately 2 hours from NYC)

Princeton-Blairstown Center, Blairstown, NJ (Approximately 1 hr. 45 Minutes from NYC)

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