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Our Team Building & Climbing Day experience includes a mixture of problem-solving and trust-building activities, as well as rock climbing, reflection, and celebration.

Team Building & Climbing programs help groups get to know each other, explore challenges, set goals, and give one another an opportunity to trust and have fun. We customize our programs based on the goals and needs of your group.

Participants will climb and belay, adventurous activities which require collaboration and effective communication. Climbing is also an opportunity for gentle competition within the context of a supportive community. In addition, participants will be be exposed to smaller challenges that explore other skill sets in a fun, high energy, environment.

If this program is part of a culminating experience for your group or team, we can build in opportunities for reflection, action planning, and celebration.

Typical Learning Outcomes

  • I can participate in the activities, try new things and have fun!
  • I can learn new things about the other participants in my group
  • I can be a good team-member by participating fully in the activities, to the best of my ability
  • I can be a good leader by offering my own ideas and listening respectfully to the ideas of others during group challenges
  • I can trust by relying on my peers and instructors during trust-building activities. Through my respectful and safe behavior, I will give others reason to trust me
  • I can reflect on my experiences and think critically about how they apply to my everyday life at school or home. I will think about what I can do with what I’ve learned


9am: Arrival and Introductions, Icebreakers, Team-based initiatives

9:30am: Team Building Initiatives

12:30pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm: Climbing Basics Harness & Belaying & Climb

3:30pm: Large Group Simulation (if Time Permits)

4:45pm: Final Team Debrief

5pm: Closing Circle and Departure


Group Juggle

Teams must work together to keep numerous objects in the air, followed by feedback on communication.

Trust Leans

Teams learn to “spot” a partner, and to “spot” as part of a group, building physical trust and intimacy


In this problem-solving initiative, only one safe path exists on a grid. Memory and strategy are required for each team to find their way through the matrix.


Teams try to move marbles into a nearby bucket without stopping or dropping the ball. A coordinated team effort is required to manage the assortment of pipeline components.


Participants form pairs, and one person guides a blindfolded team member through an obstacle course using only verbal directions.

Score Your Best

Teams score points by shooting balls into baskets. Each round allows an opportunity to re-strategize for maximum efficiency.

Egg Drop

Smaller teams will have to design and construct a device to support the 60’ fall of an egg. With time pressure, and limited resources, this activity is fun, high energy, and competitive.


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Pricing is negotiable based on school resources and program definition. 

$146 per participant

The cost includes consultation and planning with our Course Director, facility fees, instructional staff, site manager and overall delivery. Our instructors are highly skilled in facilitation, risk management, and activity instruction. Cost also includes basic lunch and snacks. Transportation to program location and back is client’s responsibility.


NYC Outward Bound Schools LIC Headquarters
29-46 Northern Blvd Long Island City, NY 11101

Our LIC headquarters are conveniently located on the Queens side of the 59th Street Bridge, and easily accessed by Taxi and MTA (7, N, R, E, and M)

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