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College-Bound Culture

Building college-going cultures in schools exposes students to college early and helps them see college as an attainable and desirable goal. This is critical in schools such as ours where the vast majority of students will be the first in their families to attend college.

  • College Visits: Our students start to go on college trips in ninth grade. Visits range from a simple tour of the campus to classroom visits paired with an overnight stay in a dorm.
  • Annual College MarchEach year, college seniors from across our network schools march their college application materials to their local post office or mail truck as members of their school communities, family members, local business leaders, elected officials, and other supporters cheer them on.
  • Annual Meetup Day: Meetup Day serves as an opportunity for our seniors from across all of our network high schools to come together and make connections before leaving for college and other endeavors. They are introduced to students planning to attend the same college so they will have informal social connections before they leave their high schools. And they learn about how to take advantage of our Through College supports.

Learn more about our To & Through College program.

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Going Beyond Limits

Going Beyond Limits

President Emeritus Richard Stopol reflects on running the NYC marathon as an Achilles International volunteer — an opportunity made possible by the late Dick Traum, a longtime member of NYC Outward Bound’s Advisory Council.

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