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Is there a cost to participate?

Crew Initiative is fully funded by the City and private grants, so there is no cost for participants. However, we do expect schools who partner with us to have the capacity to fully participate in the program. This includes having a staff member with the availability and support to lead this work and serve as “Crew Guide.”

How long does Crew Initiative last?

Effectively integrating Crew into a school’s culture takes time, so we encourage schools to commit to at least a two-year partnership with us.

Can elementary schools participate?

This Initiative is designed for middle and secondary schools. However, if your school serves elementary grades in addition to middle and/or high school (e.g. K-8), you can apply to participate. All of our participants will need at least one middle or high school grade level to participate in the Initiative before we consider including elementary students.

Does my school need an advisory program already in place to participate?

No, your school does not need to have an existing advisory program to participate. If your school does have an existing advisory program, we will work on integrating it with the Crew structure.

How will schools be selected to participate?

We will be selecting schools that meet the bandwidth/buy-in criteria as outlined on the website and could most benefit from participating. Schools must complete an application. We expect to make final selections in late August.

How do we select a Crew Guide?

When selecting your Crew Guide, keep in mind that it should be someone at your school who:
  • is comfortable leading staff in professional learning
  • is a reliable and timely communicator
  • is willing and able to lead the vision and implementation of building community through Crew at your school
  • has the time and ability to participate in virtual coaching
  • has the time and ability to occasionally commute to our offices in Long Island City (no more than once a month)

Does my school’s Crew Guide need to be a teacher?

No, the Crew Guide does not need to be a teacher, but it should be someone who has the authority and the skillset to work with teachers at your school. The Crew Guide will serve as the liaison for the partnership with NYC Outward Bound Schools, and will be responsible for leading implementation of Crew at your school. All told, schools will need the schedule, staffing and space to support approximately 100 minutes per week of Crew time per student.

Can my school choose more than one Crew Guide?

If your school has both middle and high school grades participating in Crew Initiative (e.g. 6-12), you can identify two Crew Guides (instead of one) to work with the same NYC Outward Bound Schools Crew Coach. This is advised so that your middle and high school Crew programs are built with the same foundations in mind but are distinct in the way they are developed. This will also help prevent one person from being overtasked with having to train every grade’s teachers.


How do I learn more before making a decision?

To learn more, we invite you to reach out to Jessica Bardy, Director of Strategic Partnerships, with questions at [email protected].


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