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New Leaders members are required to serve for a minimum of one year, attend bi-monthly meetings during that time, volunteer, raise awareness, and give or fundraise at least $500 each year.

  • Meetings: New Leaders meetings are held in person or via phone bi-monthly.
  • Subcommittees: Members are encouraged to either chair or serve on one of the four subcommittees (Recruitment, Fundraising, Events, and School Involvement).
  • Volunteering: Each member is expected to volunteer in at least two in-school events annually, either: serving as an external evaluator on a performance based assessment panel at one of our high schools, cheering on students at the annual College March, presenting at a career day, or volunteering at new opportunities as they are identified. All New Leaders attend and volunteer at the organization’s annual Gala in June.
  • Raising Awareness: Each member is expected to share at least one story per month on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to communicate to their online networks about NYC Outward Bound Schools’ work. Additionally, each member is expected to invite friends to fundraising events and recruit friends to volunteer.
  • Fundraising: The $500 fundraising target can be met by providing a monetary donation, participating in an online crowdfunding campaign, selling event tickets, securing in-kind donations for the organization’s annual online auction, etc.


  • Board Committee Participation: NYC Outward Bound Schools’ Board of Directors participates in a series of committees, each focused on supporting a different area of the organization’s work. There are limited opportunities for New Leaders members to join a committee to work alongside NYC Outward Bound Schools’ senior Board members on issues they are interested in or passionate about.
  • Event Planning: At the beginning of each year, members of the New Leaders will determine the strategies they will use to meet their group fundraising goal. If the group chooses to do a fundraising event, members of the New Leaders can work on an event committee to secure a venue, in-kind food/beverage donations, silent auction or raffle prizes, and entertainment, and market and execute the event.
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