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Classes are cancelled, but Compassion isn’t. 

With NYC public schools now closed through the end of the school year, NYC Outward Bound Schools is working overtime to keep our thousands of students and teachers connected, learning, and on track. But we cannot do it alone.

The New Leaders, our junior board and the backbone of our volunteer network, have made it their mission to raise critical funds that will support some of the city’s most vulnerable students during this crisis. Support their efforts by making a donation today.

Inspired by the words of Outward Bound founder Kurt Hahn, we believe that “above all, compassion” is what’s needed right now in these unprecedented times. Compassion isn’t canceled.

Donations are being matched!

If you’re a first-time donor or give a little more than last year, the Arthur Blank Foundation will match your donation. Give today and double your impact. 

Here’s what we’re doing to help.

Combatting Social Isolation with Crew

To ensure peer support and teacher advising structures are uninterrupted.


Keeping Seniors on Track for College

By giving college counselors timely resources and coaching.


Offering a Lifeline for Alumni

1:1 support as many must leave college campuses and transition to online learning.


Coaching Teachers & School Leaders

So online lessons are still deeply engaging, rigorous, and meaningful.


  • $11,058 raised so far 100% 100%

Help the New Leaders raise $10,000 in just 10 days!


We are serving

students who need your help.

Teacher Tributes

Include a tribute of your own when you donate!


To my sister Jaclyn who dedicates her life to teaching. – Danielle

Mr. Fantry

One of my favorite high school teachers was my English teacher, Mr. Fantry. He had an innovative style of teaching which effectively got through to his students. He was more than just a teacher. He was also a confidant. I’m very appreciative. – Nikita


The first & most important teacher in my life was my loving Mom, Verona. She taught us sound family values, including kindness, compassion, & giving back to the community. Sadly Mom died from COVID-19, but this donation is in her memory. -Consuelo

Mrs. Rigolo

Shoutout to Mrs. Rigolo, who was my two-time English teacher and SAT tutor.  She helped me navigate through two of the toughest years I had in school and, 10+ years later, remains a friend and role model to me and my family.

Joe & Jilana

Very special shoutout to both my parents, Joe and Jilana, who have combined for over 75 years of teaching in the Florida public school system.  My dad is a retired PE teacher and my mom is an SLP.  They instilled in me the importance of education early on and I couldn’t be more grateful to have them both as role models. – James

And here’s how you can help.

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Thank you to our generous donors!

Edward Ackerman

James Alfonso

Jilana Alfonso

Charlie Boutwell

Mary Lou Boutwell

Robert Boutwell

Ashley Chauvin

Barbara Emanuele

Alex Ferris

William Firestone

Catherine Forbes

Christopher Forbes

Malcolm Forbes

Kimberly Grant

Danielle Greenman

Dan Gutierrez

Clayton Hemmert

Geri Hemmert

Keith Hemmert

Consuelo Hill

Jacob Hirsch

Robert & Roberta Hirsch

Jennifer Hopp

Kristina Jones

Reid & Isabel Kosiek

Seth Kramer

Bronson Kussin

Michael Lawler

Rachel Marzitelli

Dustin Mommen

Joshua Nemser

Ashley Petrylak

Frank Punal

Barclay Richey

Rachel Sackheim

Joseph Salomone

Samantha Schlade

Laura & Armando Senra

Bernadette Strode

Didi Strode

Taylor Strode

Ian Tallett

Sina Toussi

Tamara Tucker

Anwar Wahab

Ben Zimmerman

Ellen Zimmerman

Gregory Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman

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