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High Quality Work, Remotely

Despite the abrupt shift to online learning, students across our schools are still producing high quality work. Here are just a few samples, created throughout 2020 and into the spring of 2021. 

Mapping Ourselves, WESS

Ninth graders at West End Secondary School, a NYC Outward Bound School in Manhattan, participated in a Learning Expedition titled, “Mapping Ourselves,” which explored how New York City has changed during the coronavirus pandemic and how the community can improve conditions and work toward rebuilding. Each student group created a website that maps their home neighborhoods, includes interviews of local neighbors about their perspectives on changes (which they translated into French or Spanish), and showcases an experiment on air quality during the city-wide shut down.

Cards for Heroes, MELS

Middle and high school students from MELS, our Network School in Forest Hills, Queens, created thank you cards for the healthcare workers and staff at Elmhurst Hospital which is located near their school and has treated a particularly large number of patients suffering with covid-19. These notes were digitized and sent to the hospital virtually to be shared widely with staff, bringing a little joy and appreciation to their day.

The Census Counts, Brooklyn Collaborative, 7th Grade

Seventh grade students from Brooklyn Collaborative one of our Network Schools in Brooklyn, created a website the includes important facts about the census, a link to complete it, as well as a PSA and student artwork promoting the importance of the census.

Masterpiece Remakes, West End Secondary 

Students in 6-10th grades at West End Secondary one of our Network Schools in Manhattan, got creative and recreated famous works of art using only items, people, and pets in their homes. 

Student-Produced Music Video, WHEELS, 10th Grade

10th graders at WHEELS, our Network School in Washington Heights, created artwork and wrote/recorded an original song entitled “Social Distancing” that they then combined to make a music video. 

Virtual Passports, Launch Middle School 

Middle schoolers at Launch one of our Network School in Brooklyn, took a trip around the world – virtually! They researched different countries across the globe, did virtual tours of famous landmarks, and watched videos that gave them a sense of the many different places and experience on Earth. They kept a travel journal and earned “stamps” in their passport for all the trips they took.

Creating a Community Platform, Community School for Social Justice (CSSJ)

Students from CSSJ, our Network School in the South Bronx, created Going Viral, an online platform created to keep students, staff, and others connected during the COVID-19 quarantine by sharing their art, poetry, opinions, news, and videos.

Publishing Party, Brooklyn Collaborative, 8th Grade

Students from Brooklyn Collaborative, one of our Network Schools in the Brooklyn, was in the middle of a historical fiction unit when school shifted online so they were not able to have their usual party to share aloud their historical fiction stories they wrote. Instead they each selected a favorite part of their writing which were compiled into this video.

Unprecedented Times: Weekly Journal, WHEELS, 12th Grade

Each week, Seniors at WHEELS, our Network School in Washington Heights, submit journal entries to capture their history, thoughts, reflections, questions, musings, and/or concerns about the events that are unfolding.

Like a Butterfly
I aspire to be as free spirited and care free,
To let my worries go and my problems be,
To dance around the flames at night
To have no restrictions, no limits, no boundaries
To have no fear, no doubt, and still be a masterpiece
I aspire to have transformations and self growth,
To live like a butterfly – that is my oath
-Emely, WHEELS Senior
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