Launch Walkout on MTV News >

Street shootings are becoming harder to predict and prevent with traditional policing. Here’s how student activists from Launch and community interventionists Save Our Streets Brooklyn are stepping up in their community.

Launch students walkout to support gun control featured on NY1 >

Launch students staged a walkout, sending a clear message: gun violence must end.

Launch Walkout to End Gun Violence featured on Fox 5 >

Wearing orange t-shirts and carrying signs that read “Guns are the death of us” and “Bullets don’t pay favorites,” hundreds of 7th and 8th grade students from Launch hit the streets Friday morning to raise awareness of gun violence.

Students across US stage walkout for Gun Violence Awareness Day >

Seventh and eighth graders from Launch started their walkout at 10:30 a.m. and ended in Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, where they gave speeches and performances.

‘Guns Crush and Shatter Dreams’: Students Stage Walkout to Protest Gun Violence >

Friday, June 7th, marked the third year that more than 200 middle schoolers at Launch walked out to raise awareness of the impact of gun violence on young people in the neighborhood. Read the coverage in Bklyner.

Launch Student Walkout Featured on News 12 >

Seventh and eighth graders from Launch walked out of their schools today and marched to Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, where they gave speeches and performances.

Kurt Hahn Art Teacher and Student Design and Create Prom Dress >

Kurt Hahn student Rofiat designed and created her own prom dress with the help of her art teacher Meno Mazid, which helped her keep saving for college next year.

President & CEO Richard Stopol sounds off about the SAT’s “adversity score” in the New York Times >

Our President and CEO Richard Stopol sounded off about the SAT’s new “adversity score.” Read his Letter to the Editor in the New York Times.

Gaynor McCown Student with Asperger’s on conquering pageants: ‘Anything is possible’ >

Gaynor McCown senior Alexandria isn’t letting her Asperger syndrome (AS) diagnosis get in the way of pursuing her dreams. Read the whole story in the Staten Island Advance.

West End Secondary students push bill that would give a tax break to New York restaurants that recycle oyster shells >

Students from the West End Secondary in Albany on Monday, pushing a piece of legislation offering tax credits to restaurants that recycle oyster shells in the Hudson River.