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Crew, which has deep roots in the Outward Bound tradition dating back to the 1940s, is a distinctive structure in our schools in which students come together daily, in most of our schools, with a teacher Crew Advisor to work on college preparation, literacy skills, leadership development, and personal challenges. Students regularly describe their Crews in our schools as a “second family” that provides critical social‐emotional and academic support.

Crews typically include 10 – 16 students and stay together for several years, often through graduation. Crew is also helps us ensure our students are well-known and well-supported, and that no one falls through the cracks. Crew is the vehicle through which our schools conduct many of their parent and family outreach activities.

Latest Story

Meet a New Leader: Taylor Strode

Meet a New Leader: Taylor Strode

For over three years, Taylor Strode has served as a member of the New Leaders, NYC Outward Bound School’s junior board that brings together a diverse group of young professionals who support the mission through volunteering and fundraising. Professionally, Taylor...

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