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Staff Directory

Tom Mullen

Email: [email protected]
Room: 221
Extension: x2214

Rachel Madris

Assistant Principal
Email: [email protected]
Room: 235
Extension: x2351

Alex Edwards

Instructional Guide, Crew Leader – 10th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 251
Extension: x2511

Ishrat Ahmed

Crew Leader-10th, 9th Grade Team Leader
Email: [email protected]

Talesia Felder

Math – 9th, History – 9th, Crew Leader – 11th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 273
Extension: x2731

Naiema Abdullah

Email: [email protected]

Amber Albino

Email: [email protected]

Danny Fernandez

English – 12th, History – 12th, Crew Leader – 12th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 245, 251
Extension: x2451, x2511

Jim Martucci

Building Social Worker
Email: j[email protected]
Room: B53
Extension: x5533

Ronnie Almonte

Science – 11th, Crew Leader – 9th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 267

Yelena McPherson

English – 11th, Crew Leader – 9th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 248
Extension: x2481

Kevin Mears

History – 10th, Crew Leader – 12th, 10th Grade Team Leader
Email: [email protected]
Room: 2037
Extension: x2371

Clarissa Annon

Speech Provider
Email: [email protected]
Room: B53
Extension: x5532

Samantha Frank

Internship Coordinator, Career Dreams
Email: [email protected]
Room: 201, 270
Extension: x2703

Lauren Moffett

Science – 9th, Spanish, Crew Leader – 11th, ENL Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Room: 233
Extension: x2331

Linda Barnes

English – 9th, 10th, Crew Leader – 10th
Email: [email protected]
Rooms: 248, 247
Extension: x2481, x2471

Rebecca Graham

Math – 10th, 11th, Crew Leader – 9th
Email: [email protected]

Brandon Lotti

Math – 10th, Crew Leader – 12th, Programmer
Email: [email protected]
Room: 252
Extension: x2521

Michael Betton

Email: [email protected]

Mike Granelli

Physical Education – 9th-12th, UFT Representative
Email: [email protected]
Room: Gym and/or weight room 282

Veda Myers

Art, History – 10th, Crew Leader – 10th
Email: [email protected]
Rooms: 227, 237
Extension: x2271, x2371

Sarah Boeck Batista

English – 10th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 247
Extension: x2471

Felicia Harper

School Counselor, Restorative Practices Coordinator 
Email: [email protected]
Room: 201B
Extension: x2014

Dana Nelson

English – 12th, Crew Leader – 12th, Peer Mediation, English Department Facilitator
Email: [email protected]
Room: 245
Extension: x2451

Sully Carmona

Science – 10th, 11th, Crew Leader – 11th
Email: [email protected]
Rooms: 255, 250, 282
Extension: x2551, x2501, x2821

Jennifer Jolofiles

Email: [email protected]

Rebecca Park

History – 12th, Crew Leader – 11th, History Department Leader
Email: [email protected]
Room: 243
Extension: x2431

KaiXin Chen

Math – 12th, Crew Leader – 10th, Math Department Facilitator
Email: [email protected]
Room: 273
Extension: x2731

Stan Kaps

AP Security
Email: [email protected]
Room: B67
Extension: x5671

Tommy Reihl

Math – 10th, ENL, Crew Leader – 11th
Email: [email protected]
Rooms: 250, 252
Extension: x2501, x2521

Urasia Clayburne-Oliver

Parent Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Room: 221
Extension: x2212

Catie Khella

Science – 10th, Crew Leader – 9th, Health Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Room: 255
Extension: x2551

Yaret Ruiz

Email: [email protected]

Mila Cruz

History – 11th, Crew Leader – 11th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 229
Extension: x2291

Laverne Kinlock

Room: B59
Extension: x5592

Nicole Santiago

Building Psychologist
Email: [email protected]
Room: B53
Extension: x5534

Mabel DeLeon

School Counselor
Email: [email protected]
Room: 201B
Extension: x2015

Jeff Knafelc

Math – 11th, Crew Leader – 9th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 250
Extension: x2501

Tasha Henry Wilson

College Counselor, College Dreams
Email: [email protected]
Room: 270
Extension: x2701

Caitlin Delphin

History – 11th, Special Education Coordinator, Crew Leader – 9th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 229, 245
Extension: x2291, x2415

Mike Kosciol

History – 9th, Crew Leader – 12th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 239
Extension: x2391

Veronika Kuksa

Email: [email protected]

Caroline Doherty

Science – 9th, Crew Leader – 11th, Science Department Facilitator
Email: [email protected]
Room: 253
Extension: x2531

Talia Steiger

Science – 12th, Crew Leader – 9th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 231

Aurora Kushner

NYC Outward Bound School Designer
Email: [email protected]

Mildred Tejera

Payroll, Operations, Administration
Email: [email protected]
Room: 221
Extension: x2211

Nell Durfee

Science – 12th, Math – 12th, Crew Leader – 10th
Email: [email protected]
Room: 267, 231
Extension: x2671, x2311

School Safety

Front Desk
Extension: x1000

Academic Departments


The History department engages students in expeditions and case studies that support students developing an in-depth knowledge of history while also applying their knowledge to current events. Students act as historians and researchers, writing PBATs and presenting their work to an authentic audience.


The English Department stresses reading, writing, and listening. Students read texts for meaning, make connections between texts, and explore how texts relate to their lives and the world around them. The English Department supports all students in becoming lifelong readers, and teaches students not only how to write analytical essays, but to write across multiple genres and speak confidently about literature.

Last year, as part of EL Education¬†selected 18 exceptional Better World Projects from 50 submissions by student-teacher teams across the country. From documenting the lives of immigrants in their communities, to initiating courageous conversations with city council members about police violence, these projects became shining examples of what can happen when student learning serves a larger purpose. See our students’ incredible project here.


Instead of having students simply memorize procedures, the Math Department challenges students to grapple with non-routine problems and creatively apply the mathematics they have learned to complete interesting projects. Through collaboration and dialogue, students construct an understanding of mathematics and recognize that it is a powerful tool. Our challenging curriculum moves from algebra through calculus.


The science department engages students in hands-on laboratory work and fieldwork where students can learn the techniques and approaches that real scientists use through experimentation. Course offering reflect that diversity of disciplines in the natural, biological, and physical sciences.


Students will have the opportunity to choose from several elective courses of their choice, many of which will offer credits towards their high school graduation. We also offer AP Human Geography, AP Environmental Science, AP US History, and AP Calculus.

Fall 2018 electives include:

  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Robotics
  • Weight Training
  • Poetry
  • Screen Printing
  • Computer Science
  • Theater
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