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We’re here to support our community this year.

NYC Outward Bound Schools has developed and curated a series of resources that can help teachers (across multiple content areas and grades), staff and parents to:

  • Facilitate virtual learning and discussion
  • Keep students connected and engaged despite distance
  • Capture data about student learning
  • Process and address grief
  • Prioritize the social-emotional needs of students

Best Practices for Virtual Project-Based Learning

Tools for Virtual Project-Based Learning

Virtual Crew Resources

Grief Resources for Schools

Effective Virtual Team Meetings


Discussion Tools

Checks for Understanding/Formative Assessments

Asynchronous Teaching Tools: Facilitating Students Leading Their Own Learning


Remote Service Learning Resources

At NYC Outward Bound Schools, we connect service learning to the ethos of kindness that is part of the school culture. We design and plan service learning experiences that go beyond charitable volunteer work to include projects that build important academic skills. These experiences help students to see that academic work can be in the service of good for others. Though these projects are remote for the time being, we continue to research service opportunities to ensure that service learning projects provide a real benefit to the community. These resources align with EL Education Core Practice #7: Incorporating Fieldwork, Experts and Service Learning.

All Service Learning Projects



Projects that Support the NYC Outward Bound Schools Community


Projects That Provide Needed Resources or Improvements to the Community


Projects That Take Action or Raise Awareness on Social Justice Issues


Resources recommended by our partners, peers & schools

EL Education’s Remote Learning Resource Center offers:

Remote Crew lesson planning template & samples

Digital curriculum in ELA, science, & social studies

Distance learning toolkit

350+ Amazing Online Resources

Free reading & literary resources

Math curriculum, PD & free resources

Resources for math hybrid learning

Goal-setting using the WOOP method

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