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Projects That Support the NYC Outward Bound Schools Network

Peer Tutoring

Older teens connect on phone or video chat to help younger students virtually with their stay-at-home schoolwork.


Support learners in your school by helping your teachers make additional materials

Read books out loud and record them for those who need reading support. Remember to speak at a pace slower than regular conversation and add dramatic flair!


  • There are lots of free books in PDF form online. Check in with your teacher first to determine the most useful titles.

Lead Fitness Classes for your Peers

Work alone or in groups to make up fun, workout routines and invite other students to join through a video chat. If audio is a challenge, you can make a mix on Spotify and send it to the group ahead of time to play in the background while you instruct! Fun way to stay active and connect with others while staying home.


  • Example of a simple intervals workout here.

Plan online meet-ups

Create opportunities for students to meet up online to talk, play games together or engage in more structured activities like online team building activities. Make groups as inclusive and random as possible.


Honor your teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8

Consider sending gratitude and organizing your classmates to do so. Your teachers are also working incredibly hard to learn new technologies and ensure you stay connected and engaged.


Projects That Provide Needed Resources or Improvements to the Community

Contribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Check out your local health care provider’s website for instructions on the types of homemade masks that may be useful in their setting and how to donate them.


Show gratitude through electronic or paper cards

Select a local hospital or other places that that employ essential workers (grocery, pharmacy, restaurant, delivery, utilities workers, EMTs etc).

  • Determine the format of the card 
  • Create models to share with others
  • Designate how you will collect submissions (via email, regular mail, etc.) 
  • Galvanize your community to make as many as they can! Consider using some of the awareness raising strategies in box above.

Work with Parent Coordinator and/or administration to find out what members of the school community are nurses that you can thank.


  • Join EL Education’s Better World Day effort! This year’s event is dedicated to the appreciation of essential workers.
  • Honor nurses — May 4-8 is Nurse Appreciation Week!

Connect with seniors and others who may have limited contact due to their risk factors

Identify a community based residential center for elderly people, email or call and ask how you can send greetings or make contact with residents.  Some ideas you can offer are:

  • Mailing letters/cards
  • Have phone call/video chat, or send video greetings
  • Holding performances on video that residents can enjoy (sing-a-long, playing an instrument, dramatic reading, student talent show, etc.).


Donate food and supplies to animal shelters and pet owners in need

For people living in poverty and underserved communities, pet support services are more important than ever. Now and in the coming months, there will be additional financial struggles and difficulty in accessing resources and affordable care and supplies for pets, and therefore a huge demand on these service agencies.

Check with your local shelter or rescue to see how you can support them during this crisis. Consider donating supplies, both through your local animal shelter and agencies like human food banks. DO NOT leave your home to deliver goods yourself.


Publicize food and supplies drives

Identify local programs seeking donations. You’ll need to read websites carefully; most are seeking financial donations and obtaining goods themselves (to keep people home).

Once you’ve identified an organization, what they need and where it’s located, publicize their specifications. Only ask for what is needed, as organizations do not have storage space or staff to manage goods that do not meet current needs.

DO NOT leave your home to deliver goods yourself. Should your guardians decide to do this and invite you along, make sure everyone is wearing masks and gloves, and keeping social distance while traveling.


Projects That Take Action or Raise Awareness on Social Justice Issues

Find relevant social justice issues for your project.

Publish your point of view and make a call for action

Submit your opinion to a major news source or record a podcast.


Show support on social media 

Hot topics have hashtags that you can share and build upon with your own photos, quotes, etc use to raise awareness in your social media.


Create or share petitions

Suggested steps for your petition campaign:

  • Pick your cause and research the issue.
  • Pick your platform and format for your petition.
  • Identify the source of change (Government representative? Media outlet? Company or organization leader?) who you can influence with your petition.  
  • Phrase what you are asking for with accuracy and clarity and get feedback from peers and a teacher.
  • Share your petition online on your chosen platform.


Write to your local representatives

Suggested steps in writing your letter:

  • Research decisions currently facing either local, state, or federal representatives about spending related to the pandemic.  
  •  Identify the relevant representatives to contact.
  • Research different organizations advocating on behalf of decisions that you agree with. Read their positions and arguments, and look at models of online letters that these organizations provide.
  • Write a draft and send to peers and teachers for feedback and editing suggestions.
  • Send your letter and encourage others to do the same through social media or email!


Make window signs and other displays of support 

Ideas for displays of support:

  • Create posters or displays for your windows
  • Make sidewalk art on your street


Host a teach-in related to an existing campaign to get your peers aware and involved.

Decide what topic you want to organize around and if you will you conduct this teach-in alone or with others. Steps:

  • Determine your platform. You can work with a teacher and conduct the teach-in within your crew, you can run your own live session on video, or make an instructional video and share.  
  • Make the teach-in simple and short, the event should not exceed an hour. Have a clear message and repeat it throughout and be sure to think about engaging the heart just as much as the brain.
    • Create one powerful text to share that will change hearts and minds. The text can be a reading, quote, image, or video.
    • Offer a chance to discuss and collaborate
    • Determine one specific way people can get involved. If possible, give participants the chance to act during your teach-in.


Create a Fundraiser

Ideas for raising funds:

  • Organize virtual “thons” (walk, skate, bowl, swim, bike, rock, read, dance) to raise money for a cause.
  • Make cards, artwork, jewelry, or other handcrafted items to sell virtually to raise money.


  • Anython and RallyUp are two tools that help you set up your fundraising campaign.
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