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EL Education Core Practice #11: Delivering Effective Lessons

  • “Teachers use strategies to ensure all students participate and embrace individual accountability:
    • Pose strategic and open-ended questions that build students’ curiosity and elicit multiple responses and perspectives from students.
    • Use protocols in daily lessons when students are analyzing and discussing text, collaborating to solve problems or critiquing each other’s work.
    • Provide or teach students to create graphic organizers, journals, concept maps or other notecatchers that enable every student to record and represent thinking.

Turn and Talk Pair Section of Think-Pair-Share

Using Zoom private chats or breakout rooms

✓ Students will have to be assigned partners prior to the Turn and Talk so that no one is left out and time is not wasted during class time pairing students up

✓ Very important to use all the security functions necessary to keep your students safe

+ Provides option for creating Breakout rooms for an opportunity to break up a large group or class for smaller interactions

Δ May be harder for students challenged by self management skills or in classes in which you have selected to turn off the private chat option

Δ Breakout rooms may need to be unsupervised by an adult

Δ In larger classes it might take students too long to “find” their partner on the list

Virtual Chalk Talk Peer Critique

Using the comment function on Google Docs

+ User-friendly, simple and integrated with programs your students are already using  

✓ Be very clear about what students should annotate for and provide models and criteria for success

Asynchronous Discussion

Using Padlet

+ Students can post thoughts on a virtual bulletin board

+ Attractive and simple

Using Discussion on Google Classroom

+Does not require students to access another application to participate

+ Allows you to assign and schedule a question for students to post a response, treating their contribution as an actual assignment

+ Students must create a response in order to see other responses  

+ Students can edit their responses after submitting them

Concept/Mind Mapping


+ Simple in design and graphics

+ Most aligned and compatible with Google platform  

+ Requires no new accounts or passwords

+ Allows for collaboration if needed

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