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Virtual Crew Resources

With students learning remotely, Crew becomes an even more crucial part of their day. Crew offers a much needed space for connection, joy, and reflection. Browse the resources below for a sampling of Virtual Crew topics that can be used with both students and staff. Each topic can be addressed over several sessions depending on the length and frequency of your Crew. 

Remember that relying on consistent and familiar structures will be key. Get students involved in facilitation and have fun! 

Let’s Dance!


Coronavirus and Racism


Observing the Natural World


Interview a Crew Member


Remote Learning Reflection


Personal Wellness Kit Creation


Fun Initiatives for the Virtual World

January 6th Event on Capitol Hill


Sample Lesson Plan Template


AgendaNotes for Leading Crew Virtually
Opening: Greeting/icebreaker, reading
  • Mute participants as they enter meeting
  • Pose a question for participants to answer as they log in (in the chat box or screenshare) or play music
Framing: Introduce learning target, norms, toles
  • Ask a volunteer to read learning targets
  • Decide roles in advance and rotate roles at the appropriate frequency for your Crew
Activity: Text, video, plan for offline activity, discussion
  • In case of issues with internet connection:
    • Provide directions in a visual format
    • Sent text or video in advance
  • Be sure to use a variety of modalities(text, visual, movement, etc.)
Closing: Debrief, check in on norms, next steps, appreciations
  • Hold this time sacred so students have proper time to transition out of being “with” Crew


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