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Crew Resource: Interview a Crew Member

Learning Target

I can deepen my relationship with another member of my Crew.

Overview of the Activity

Although social distancing requires us to be physically distant from one another, it doesn’t mean we have to be isolated or emotionally distant or isolated. We can take this time to connect with one another on a deeper level.  

  1. Crew Advisor chooses pairs/trios randomly.
  2. Students will choose 4 questions for their interview, a mix of silly and meaningful.  
  3. Interviewees will answer 2 or more questions and can decline to answer any of the questions, so be prepared with at least 4. 
  4. Connect via Google Hangout/Meet, FaceTime, phone, email, or a social media platform .
  5. Share.


Possible questions from Museum Hack, Differentiated Teaching, or below:

  • What is the story of your name?
  • What is your favorite holiday tradition?
  • What is a passion or curiosity you have?
  • What is a talent or skill you have or admire?
  • What motivates you?
  • What is a professional ambition you have?
  • What is a hobby or habit you want to use or develop more?

Suggested Questions

  • Share one new piece of information that surprised you and/or gave you better insight into who your interviewee is as a person. Make sure your interviewee is okay with you sharing that piece of information with the whole group.
  • How did it feel to connect with someone you usually don’t spend a lot of time with?
  • How did it feel to share information about your life?
  • Choose someone else in your life you’d like to strengthen your relationship with and use the same process.


  • Decide if interviews will take place during Crew or after
  • Brainstorm expectations for interview, e.g.
    • Thank each other
    • Practice active listening
    • Verify your takeaways, e.g. “say backs”
  • 2-day lesson (set up and share)


Use the same questions for everyone and graph the data. Then, discuss similarities, differences and opportunities.

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