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Crew Resource: January 6th Event on Capitol Hill

This Crew Lesson was created by Arielle Desdunes, Restorative Justice Coordinator at Kurt Hahn and Jessica Jean-Marie, Assistant Principal at Kurt Hahn.

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SEL Learning Target

I can name my initial feelings and reactions to the events that occurred at Capitol Hill.  

This plan is divided by head and heart:

  • Head: a chance to look over the facts and images of what occurred yesterday
  • Heart: a chance to discuss initial feelings and reactions to what occurred  

Please remember that you know your Crew best and you can adjust the questions as you see fit for your group.  


Yesterday, Trump supporters rallied at the U.S Capitol against President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. The incident has since incited protests and riots in D.C where Trump supporters broke into the Capitol halting the certification of the Electoral College votes. We want to offer you a space to share your thoughts and express your feelings. Our hope is that you feel comfortable enough to be honest and open in this space. 

As you welcome students into Crew, ask/post the opener question. Allow students to share out loud or in the chat box. Please inform students that it is okay if they don’t know much of the details; you will take time to review some of the facts that occurred.


What do you know about the events that happened yesterday?

Review Norms

As a Crew, choose one of your previously agreed norms that will help allow for a safe space in processing the news from yesterday. Below are our general agreed upon norms: 

Introduce Online Guidelines

Read the community guidelines aloud:

  • One Mic – actively listen to the person speaking
  • Mic muted if you’re not sharing
  • Chat – only use the chat if you do not have access to a microphone or have a question/comment
  • Be respectful, show compassion
  • Speak from the heart – share your experiences
  • Listen from the heart
  • Say just enough without feeling rushed (remember it is always okay to pass)
  • Names stay and lessons travel (CONFIDENTIALITY)
  • Criticize ideas, not individuals or groups
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand; don’t assume you know others’ thinking or motivations


What do we know? Review the facts/events that occurred yesterday, using the timeline below.  

Teacher note: Screenshare the timeline so that students are able to see the images and follow along. Please allow students to ask any clarifying questions after reviewing the timeline. 



Personal Reflection: Provide students with time to journal their thoughts and feelings about the events using the questions below: 

  • How do you feel about the events that happened yesterday? If needed, here is a feelings chart and feelings wheel
  • What does it mean to you individually? Were you surprised? Explain.   
  • What do yesterday’s events mean for our country? What does this mean for democracy? What do you think the short term and long term impacts are on the United States?  

Group Discussion

The questions below are based on the personal reflection questions, but do not require students to read their responses verbatim, as some of what they journaled may be personal.   

  • Round 1: What are three words that describe how you are feeling right now? 
  • Round 2: Were you surprised by the behavior of the rioters? What changed, challenged, or confirmed your thinking?
  • Round 3: How do you feel about how law enforcement responded? How do you feel as a Black person/POC watching these events unfold?
  • Round 4: What lingering thoughts do you have? What would you like to share with the group?


What do you believe needs to happen from here? How do we, as a Crew, continue to process these events together? What do you need from me as your Crew teacher? What do you need from each other? 

Please give each student a chance to respond to one or all of the closing questions above. Make sure to take note of their responses so that you can remember the needs named. 



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