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Crew Scattergories Challenge

Scattergories is a word game that pushes your Crew to work together to brainstorm as many answers as possible according to the list of prompts and letter given per round. In this challenge, your Crew will be working together as a single player against Crews from other schools.


  • Your Crew Advisor will receive a TIMED Google Form with a list of words and letters assigned to that list. DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE REST OF THIS DOCUMENT. Once you open the Google Form, your timer of 5 minutes will start.
  • When you are ready to receive your Scattergories, please have your Crew Advisor email Aileen Soto at [email protected] to receive your unique link to the timed Scattergories document.
  • Once you open each form, your Crew will have 5 minutes to brainstorm and input answers for the list of words that relate to the prompts and start with the assigned letter. You can only give one answer per word and it has to start with the letter assigned. You can NOT use the same word twice in the same round.

Example – Letter A

List of WordsAnswers
1. Worn above the waistApron
2. Items in a classroomAtlas
3. Things that have numbersAlarm
4. Found in a gym/health clubAmino Acids
5. Chain storesApplebee's

  • Once the timer runs out, you can choose to start on the next round. You will have up to Friday, June 12 by 5 p.m. to complete all rounds of Scattergories. We will be checking the answers of all Crews competing, and if any Crew has overlapping responses, then each of those answers will not count. For example, if two or more Crews wrote the word “Apron” for “Worn above the waist,” that answer will not count and those Crews will not receive a point for line 1. The goal is to try to provide answers to all items on the list and try to make your answer as unique as possible to avoid another Crew having the same answer.

Specific Rules about Acceptable Words

  • You may not use an article (A, An, The) for the letter A and letter T. For example, The Catcher in the Rye is acceptable for the letter C, but not for the letter T.
  • Proper names can be used with either the first name or the last name listed initially. For example, for the letter G on the category U.S. Presidents, you could use either Garfield, James or George Bush.


  • First Round: Practice Round (no points will be given to complete this round)
  • Second Round: All answers are worth 1 point each
  • Third Round: 2 points each
  • Fourth Round: 3 points each


It’s best to use Zoom and have your Crew Advisor share their screen so that one they can fill out the answers while everyone else can brainstorm and think of answers. Each list will have five prompts to answer.


  • Strategy for Scattergories is rather straightforward — try to write down the most obscure answer to each category. You all want to try to think of the most unique answer possible. Remember that your word counts if no other Crew has used the same word. There will be three rounds of Scattergories, plus one practice round.
  • Here are some practice Google Forms. These are not timed but you can set a timer to practice if you’d like:

If you have any questions about the activity, your Crew advisor can contact Aileen Soto at [email protected]

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