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Instagram Challenge

As part of Crew Olympics, NYC Outward Bound Schools is holding a photo contest on Instagram. Your mission is to post a photo series that shows off your Crew and what Crew means to you. We will provide the captions for each photo in the series — you will provide the photos!


  • Check out our Instagram @nycoutwardbound, where you will find a post about this challenge with the hashtag #VirtualCrewOlympics.
  • Our post will be a series of five captions. Your job is to create a post with five photos, one to match each of our captions.
  • Once your Crew has selected and/or taken photos to match each caption, one representative from your Crew will combine these photos into a series and post it (or you can create a “finsta”). Each photo in the post must correspond to the captions in our post. Be sure the account you post from is public, or else we won’t be able to see it! (You can change your account back to private after Wednesday, 6/17.)
  • The text accompanying your post should be the in the following format:


[Insert School Name] 

[Insert Crew Name]

  1. [Copy photo 1’s caption from our post]
  2. [Copy photo 2’s caption from our post]
  3. [Copy photo 3’s caption from our post]
  4. [Copy photo 4’s caption from our post]
  5. [Copy photo 5’s caption from our post]

Remember: Be sure to use the hashtag #VirtualCrewOlympics in your post, or we will not receive it!

All submissions must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, 6/12.


  • Instagram
  • Layout, other photo editing apps (optional)

See an example of this challenge (scroll through to see all 5):


  • Submissions will be judged on originality, alignment to the prompt, and collaboration.* 
    • *If not all Crew members appear in your posts, include the first names of everyone who contributed in the caption so we can see who participated.
  • Photos can be a single picture, or can be a composite of multiple photos using Layout or a different app that allows you to combine multiple photos into a single image. 
  • You can use photos from quarantine, pre-quarantine, or a mix of both.
  • Your school may be interested in sharing this post more broadly. Your Crew Advisor can ask your school’s Instagram administrator whether they’d like to post it, and if so, you can either email them the photos or they can repost it using the “Repost for Instagram” app.

If you have any questions about the activity, your Crew advisor can contact Jessica Bardy at [email protected].

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