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Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Your crew must work together to gather household objects that fit the descriptions on the Scavenger Hunt Bingo board. Try to get Bingo, then fill the entire board in as fast a time as possible!


  • Your Crew will be given a bingo board of scavenger hunt clues.
  • Crew members coordinate to get Bingo (5-in-a-row, column or diagonal) as fast as possible, then continue to fill the entire board as fast as possible. Here is an example of what the board will look like when finished.
  • Record both your Bingo time AND your Fill-The-Board time, as points will be awarded for performance in each category.  Your time begins at the moment the Crew Leader reveals the Scavenger Hunt Bingo Board (by screen-sharing it), so make sure everyone understands the directions before revealing the board.
  • Once the hunt begins, students claim squares by bringing objects that fit the descriptions to their camera and asking the Crew Leader to screen-shot/paste the contribution into the Crew’s Scavenger Hunt Bingo Board. Crew Leaders may want to practice this skill first before formally beginning the activity. See below in Logistics/ Supplies/ Technology for tech support.
  • Crews may strategize beforehand. This strategizing time could also include setting some communication norms for success.
  • Possible Crew Jobs:  Timekeeper (time till Bingo, and time till Board-Full)
  • WHEN YOUR CREW IS DONE: Your progress will be saved automatically in your Crew’s Scavenger Hunt Bingo Board when you edit it. Don’t forget to document your Crew’s Bingo and Board-Full times at the bottom!
  • Submissions must be complete by Friday, June 12 by 5 p.m.


  • HERE is a link to the Scavenger Hunt Bingo Boards
  • Crew Leaders should learn how to quickly/comfortably take screen-shots, to prepare for documenting objects the students find in the Scavenger Hunt Bingo Google Doc. We recommend Crew Leaders practice:
    • On a Mac: Click Command-Control-Shift-4 at the same time. This will bring up a selection tool that you can use to highlight the area you want to screen-shot. Once you’ve selected the area with the student’s object, it will save to your clipboard, meaning that you can click Command-v to paste the screen-shot wherever your cursor is on the Scavenger Hunt Bingo Google Doc.
    • On a PC: Follow these directions.
  • When screen-sharing the Bingo board, try to choose a view size that fits the entire board on the screen at once. Try adjusting the Zoom % on the Google Doc here.

If you have any questions about the activity, your Crew advisor can contact Paco Hanlon at [email protected]

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