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Olympic Trial Challenge: Create a Multimedia Story

We are living during an extraordinary time in history! During this time of uncertainty, virtual learning, and social distancing, staying connected to Crew is more important now than ever. While right now our only option for connection is virtual, it is important to know that we can continue to deepen our connection as Crew even if it means through our digital devices. For this event, we want you to focus on this quote written by Kurt Hahn, “There is more in us than we know” and think about how that quote relates to you and your Crew during these times.

See an example of this activity:


Step 1:

Your Crew will define the quote “There is more in us than we know” by creating a collage and writing a story. What does this quote mean to your Crew during this time? How does this quote define your Crew? Once this quote is defined, you will work together to figure out how you want to represent this quote by creating a collage and writing a story about your Crew. 

  • Every person in the Crew needs to find three items in the home that are connected to your theme of defining the quote. If you want to use yourself, a loved one at home, and/or a pet to represent your “item,” feel free to do so!
  • Everyone will introduce their items within their Crew and explain why the items were chosen.
  • Once the item is introduced, everyone in the Crew shares their item and takes a picture of it. 

The Crew will work together to create a multimedia story. Be creative and have fun with this. This is your Crew’s Multimedia Story project!

Step 2:

Assign tasks: Pick a representative from each team to be the leader.

  • Organization Team: (up to 5 students) These students will select one picture from every student that they think will best represent the quote for your Crew’s collage. They will make sure that every student is represented through their item. Once this process is finished, they will pass the pictures to the design team.
  • Design Team: (up to 5 students) These students will collect and create a collage using photos that were selected by the organization team. You can use any platform that allows you to upload photos and edit them the way you want. You can use filters, clip art, and/or emojis to add to your collage. You can use any platform to create your collage that will allow you to upload the link of your document to share with other Crews. Suggestions include Google Docs, Pic Stitch, Collage maker, etc.
  • Story Team: (Up to 5 students) This team will be in charge of creating the story about your Crew’s photos related to the quote above. The story can be funny, witty, serious — whatever your Crew decides. Make it unique to your Crew. 

Competition & Voting

Once your Crew has completed and submitted the project, all students in your Crew will get a chance to vote for another interactive story project in your grade. It is important to know that you will not vote for your Crew’s project to make all voting fair. Your Crew advisor will provide the link needed to vote for your favorite Crew’s story. 

You can use this Success Criteria to help you decide on what project to vote on: 

Success Criteria: A high-quality multimedia story…

  • Is creative and interesting
  • Represents the Crew’s unique personality 
  • Relates to the quote, “There is more in us than you know.”
  • Demonstrates craftsmanship


  • When inserting a picture on a Google Doc, make sure you set the picture as “wrap text” under image options so that you can move the pictures around. 
  • If using another platform to create the collage, please save the collage as an image so that you can upload it on Google Doc to create a link to share with other Crews.
  • Have fun with it! Be creative, make it unique, make it YOUR CREW! 

If you have any questions about the activity, your Crew advisor can contact Christian Narvaez at [email protected].

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