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Olympic Trial Challenge: Quarantine Memes

In this event, Crews will work together to design a meme about life in quarantine. Once each Crew has created their meme, those memes will be sent via Google Forms to all students at the school to vote on which meme they feel is the best representation of an element of life in quarantine. This will be done by grade so that there is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each grade.


  • Using whatever process you want, your Crew will design a meme related to life in quarantine. Your Crew could generate ideas/memes together, in small groups, or individually, but your Crew has to agree on ONE MEME that your Crew is entering into the competition (see Logistics, Supplies & Technology for tips on how to create memes).
    • Email the URL of your meme (see Logistics/Supplies/Technology for help) to your Crew leader, to be put together with other Crew memes in a Google Form Survey.

See a sample of this activity:

Materials needed for this project:

Logistics, Supplies & Technology

  • There are many meme generators online, but the easiest is Kapwing. This site is available via mobile devices and through computers, and offers blank templates where you can add words and your own image or gif, but also offers templates to add words to trending meme images/gifs. Essentially, the user clicks which template they would like to use (on computers you will also have to click the “Make It” button as well), which opens the editing interface. You can change fonts, add emojis, rearrange where the words appear on the photo, and use many other formatting tools. Once you are done, click the “Publish” button. With memes that use gifs (moving images), this can take a few minutes so be patient!
  • After the meme is created, you will have the option of downloading it, or copying a URL link that will lead to the meme (here is an example). We suggest you send you the URL to your Crew leaders (click “Copy Link” then paste the link into an email to the Crew leader).


  • The best memes are funny and relatable. They point out, in clever ways, truths about our lives. Here are the Success Criteria that you keep in mind while designing your memes:
    • Funny, witty, or clever
    • Relatable
    • Must be related to life in quarantine
    • Must be school-appropriate
    • Must be original (can’t be something you found on the internet)

If you have any questions about the activity, your Crew advisor can contact Christian Narvaez at [email protected].

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