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NYC Outward Bound Schools’ To & Through College Team presented a Decision Day Panel specifically for high school seniors on Friday, April 24. The panel featured information about decision deadlines (which have shifted due to COVID-19) and a Q&A with College Crew Peer Leaders, all of whom are alumni from our network schools:

  • Jah-ni Fleary (Kurt Hahn ’18), BMCC
  • Renell Huggins (MELS ’19), John Jay College
  • Amani Ortiz (Leaders ’18), St. Francis College
  • Maleka Stewart (Channel View ’15), Middlebury College
The panel was geared toward seniors who are making their college decisions this spring. Many seniors are dealing with canceled campus tours and uncertainty due to COVID-19, so our College Crew Peer Leaders volunteered to help make the decision-making process a bit easier. The speakers answered questions like:
  • Where do you go to college?
  • Provide specific examples that helped you with your final college decision.
  • Did you have a hard time deciding which college to choose, and if so, what were the factors that were preventing you from making your final decision?
  • Looking back at your first year at college and knowing what you know now, what kind of advice would you give seniors who are in the middle of the college process?

Video Archive

Part 1: How did you decide where you wanted to go to college?

Part 2: Facing obstacles & advice for seniors


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