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Olympic Trial Challenge: Escape the Room

You’re in for a fast-paced, super fun Crew session! This challenge will test your Crew communication and collaboration skills, along with your perseverance. 

In order to complete the Escape the Room challenge, you’ll need everyone’s participation. The premise is relatively simple: the Crew must complete a series of tasks in order to gain passwords, retrieve clues, and/or gather other information needed to finish a virtual puzzle, or, “escape the room.”

Some important things to remember are that you may get confused and might want to give up; you might want to argue with one another. This is part of the process. It’s messy and not totally clear, but neither is learning or pursuing what you are curious about. Try to push through and use the communication, collaboration and perseverance skills you developed with your Crew this year to complete the puzzle!



Practice Round:

We strongly recommend you do this easier puzzle as an entire Crew to practice for the harder, two-player puzzle below.

Step 1: Setup

  • For this challenge, split the Crew into two teams. The teams will be named Player 1 and Player 2
  • There should be an equal number of Crew members on each team
  • Crew Advisors — private chat the links to the teams in Zoom
  • Each team (Player 1 and Player 2) will receive a different link to an Escape the Room challenge (below)
  • Crew Advisors — private chat these links to the teams
  • Before beginning, each team will take 2 minutes to silently study their escape the room screen
  • The Crew Advisor will not be on a team — instead, they will record how long it takes for the groups to escape the room
  • Be sure to ask for questions or clarifications before you start the challenge. 


Player 1 Link:

Player 2 Link:


Step 2: Play!

Tips and Tricks for Crew Advisors 

  • If your Crew takes longer than one session to escape the room, that’s ok. Just make sure you record your progress, because these games aren’t able to be saved to return to. When you return to the game, simply access the link, complete the recorded steps up until your stopping point, and then restart your clock.
  • Make sure you add up the total amount of time when you are done. 

Step 3: Submit


You can set up a meeting to go over any of the challenges or questions your Crew encounters by emailing Christian Narvaez at [email protected]

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