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Olympic Trial Challenge: Kahoot

This challenge tests your knowledge about the NYC Outward Bound Schools network and about your own school. Your Crew will be playing a trivia game using the platform Kahoot.

The goal is to get as many questions right as possible. Once you are finished, screenshot or take a picture of your final score and submit.


Step 1: Introduction

You may have used Kahoot before, but this time will be different! You will need to collaborate as a Crew to come up with ONE answer that you submit to each question. In order to do this, each of you will need to contribute your best thinking and not be afraid to say what you think is right. 

Step 2: Setup and Logistics

Before beginning, select one Crew representative who will enter the final answer the Crew agrees upon. The Crew representative should have a device that will allow them to easily enter the answer into Kahoot. We recommend using a phone so that you can clearly see the questions and answer choices.

There will be two people who have direct access to Kahoot — the Crew Advisor and the Crew representative. The Crew Advisor will share their screen with the whole Crew so that everyone can see the questions and answer choices. Once the Crew decides on an answer, the Crew Representative will submit the answer to Kahoot and the whole Crew will see if the given answer was correct. You get points for being correct AND for being quick!

Step 3: Planning and Game Play

As a Crew, build a strategy for coming up with and answering the questions as quickly as possible. What are some ideas that you can use to make this happen? Things to note:

  • There are about 18 questions in this challenge 
  • You will have a maximum of 2 minutes to answer each question before you run out of time
  • Hint: The quicker you answer correctly, the higher your score will be!

Step 4: Submission

  • Once you’re done, take a picture or screenshot of your score and submit it here. 
  • Good luck!


You can set up a meeting to go over any of the challenges or questions your Crew encounters by emailing Christian Narvaez at [email protected]

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