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Olympic Trial Challenge: Our Crew Story

This challenge asks Crews to share out their story with the rest of the school community. As a Crew, spend time reflecting on your experience so far this year.  Then, share the story of a moment, challenge, fun time, etc. that makes your Crew unique. You will be using the platform Jamboard to record and present your story. 

This challenge may take two Crew sessions so that you can have enough time to generate what the Crew story will be.


Step 1: Introduction

You will create a visual representation of the story of your Crew this year to share with the larger community. Through this story, you will share what makes your Crew special. To maximize the points you receive for this challenge, include the following (using the scorecard as a guide): 

  • Title of your Crew story 
  • Three artifacts that represent your Crew connection  
  • Pictures or drawings of your Crew members 
  • Fun memory you shared in Crew this year
  • Something you are looking forward to with your Crew when you are able to gather in person
    • If you are graduating, consider a message you’d like to tell your school community instead. What advice would you give to other Crews? 

Step 2: Brainstorm and Create

Take some time to brainstorm what you want your Crew story to say.

  • First, each Crew member will take 5-10 minutes to silently brainstorm ideas for the story
  • Next, the Crew will break into rooms and share ideas
  • Next, the whole Crew will have a group discussion
  • Finally, the Crew will use Jamboard as a tool to create their story. You can access Jamboard through the Google Suite of tools.

Step 3: Debrief

  • Before submitting your Crew story, recap your experience with this activity
    • Did everyone give their input on the Crew story?
    • Is there anything you want to change or add before submitting the Crew story? 

Step 4: Submit


You can set up a meeting to go over any of the challenges or questions your Crew encounters by emailing Christian Narvaez at [email protected]

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