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Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) replace traditional parent/teacher conferences, and are a cornerstone of student engaged assessment, a strategy that helps students understand and take ownership of their own growth as learners. During SLCs, students select and present examples of their work, including places of mastery and struggle. Students take ownership of their own learning, publicly reflecting on and communicating what they’ve learned, in what ways they need to grow, and how they plan to do so to a panel of their teachers, advisors, and parents.

SLCs typically take place twice a year, and have resulted in high levels of family engagement within our network, with more than 90% of families participating in conferences, a sharp contrast to the participation rate at other comparable city schools, which is typically well below 30%.

Leaders of Their Own Learning

Take a look at our national partner EL Education’s resources on Student-Led Conferences.

Watch these videos to see Student-Led Conferences in action at our network schools:

Video courtesy of Edutopia

Video courtesy of EL Education

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