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We partner with schools to improve a specific aspect of their practice or school culture through coaching and implementation of our proven, high-impact Select Strategies.

Our Select Strategies — Crew, Project-Based Learning, and Student-Engaged Assessment — are proven practices that were developed and established in our Network Schools. 

We help our Select Strategies Schools adapt and implement one or more of these practices and leverage their existing assets to address an articulated area of school need. Our Select Strategies are specially designed to strengthen schools’ capacity to build belonging, delivering demanding and engaging academics, and increase student agency. 

Typical Select Strategies partnerships involve between 12 and 30 days of support, which can include large group professional learning, individualized classroom-based coaching and direct student services.

Select Strategy prices are calculated based on the number of service days and the nature of the services and activities provided. In addition, schools may choose to include Outdoor Adventure programming for students and/or teachers to complement and enhance the core services.

For more information about Select Strategies for Schools, fill out this form or contact Badari Ambatti, Director of Client Relations at [email protected] or (718) 706-9900 x 125.

Our Select Strategies: 

Select Strategy: Crew

Crew is our signature advisory and community building program. It is a structure that leads to academic and social-emotional growth through culturally responsive team building, student-centered academic support, conflict resolution and self-reflection. It’s also a school-wide culture and mindset that encourages collaboration, empathy and shared goal-setting.

Select Strategy: Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning is an engaging, student-centered and interdisciplinary method of learning through which students gain knowledge and skills by exploring authentic and complex questions, problems, or challenges. Project-Based Learning units often include research, field work, talking with experts and presentations of learning.

Select Strategy: Student-Engaged Assessment

Student-Engaged Assessment is a strategy that helps students understand and take ownership of their own growth as learners. This often includes Student-Led Conferences in lieu of traditional Parent-Teacher Conferences, during which students assess their own strengths and areas of growth.

Outdoor Adventure

Many Select Strategies Schools also partner with us to run Outdoor Adventure programming with their students and educators because they recognize that outcomes in the field also have a tremendous impact in the classroom. In these programs, we use adventure, joy, and challenge as a catalyst for personal growth, community-building, leadership development and social change.

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