This year's College March was held on Friday, December 15th

Every year in December, high school seniors from across the country march their college applications out the front doors of their schools and to their local post office or mail truck. Members of their school communities, family members, local business leaders, politicians, and other supporters turned out to cheer them on. This year, over 2,300 seniors marched at 25 schools from 11 cities across the country, the vast majority on the same day.

The College March began in 2011 at NYC Outward Bound's Network School WHEELS, where it was the brainchild of assistant principal Jenny Rodriguez. In 2012, it spread across our New York City network of public schools with support from Capital One Bank. Our high schools all march while the underclassmen cheer them on, and our middle schools and elementary schools turn out to support them as active participants.

The College March is a powerful symbol of the idea that every student, regardless of background or circumstance, can be prepared to thrive at a high-quality institution of higher learning. It is a powerful ritual that helps establish college-going cultures in our schools, reminding every student that with perseverance, resilience and hard work, each of them can earn a degree - and that we will challenge and support them all in doing just that. The date also helps seniors submit their college applications on deadline. 

In 2014, the College March went national and doubled in size as NYC Outward Bound Schools engaged schools from across the country in joining the March. Collectively, the non-NYC schools hail from the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions via our partner EL Education and from the South through charter network Uplift Education, which Capital One Bank partners with. In 2016,  ten new NYC schools joined the March with support from the NYC Department of Education’s College Access for All office and NYC Outward Bound Schools.

As a School/Organization
Visit our How to March page for all the details on how to join the March, including event logistics, media tips, and partnership/sponsorship ideas. Let us know you're joining so we can add you to our growing list of participants.

As an Attendee 

Line a parade path near you in support of a neighborhood school/organization - a full list of participating schools, organizations and their locations can be found on our Who's Marching page.

As a Social Networker
Join the conversation using #CollegeMarch on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Tag us @NYCOutwardBound so we can share your posts, tag our sister schools @ELeducation and @UpliftEducation, and consider thanking our generous partner @CapitalOneInvestingForGood.

Join the Conversation #CollegeMarch

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New Schools Joining the March

From New York City to Dallas, from Portland to St. Paul... the College March is happening across the nation - and we hope you'll join it! If you plan to march, please let us know so we can add your school or organization's name to our growing list, which is included on our Who's Marching page. Post your photos on social media using #CollegeMarch and include the name of your school or organization and city. Tag us @NYCOutwardBound and we'll spread the word.

Our Partner: Capital One Bank

Since 2011, Capital One Bank has been our sponsor of the College March. From deep employee involvement, to strategic advisement and financial support, Capital One has been a true partner in implementing and growing the College March. Consider sharing photos from your March or thanking them on Twitter @CapitalOne.

About the School That Started It All

The College March started when Jenny Rodriguez, an Assistant Principal at our network school WHEELS, conceptualized this great idea. The WHEELS' March was such an inspiration that we decided to spread the March across our entire NYC network. Even President Obama took notice of the WHEELS March and mentioned it in his 2014 State of the Union address. Share your College March photos with them @WHEELSnyc.