Utilizing New York City and its rich cultural resources as a learning lab, West End Secondary immerses students in authentic learning experiences that require investigation, discovery, and innovative thinking.  The school is based on the the belief that children should understand and interact with the city and world beyond school walls.  Through carefully crafted lessons designed to spark their imaginations, students develop the capacity to become reflective questioners and critical thinkers who consider multiple perspectives while arriving at their own interpretation. Every classroom presents complex material that students encounter with a mix of uncertainty and struggle, but such struggles promote patience and perseverance, both of which inevitably lead to growth. 

The school's learning expeditions allow all subjects to be taught through the lens of a broader topic so students learn in the context of the community and the world in which they live. Through learning expeditions, students engage in fieldwork, community service and work with experts, to complete in-depth studies across subject areas. Expeditions culminate with rigorous projects and exhibitions that demonstrate mastery of standards.