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“Don’t Shut Down My Education” >

On January 17th, 120 students and their teachers stood together in front of the shuttered Jamaica Bay Refuge Visitors Center holding signs that read “Stop the Shutdown, Let us Learn,” and “Save Our Parks.” Several students, who had planned to present their final projects delivered rousing speeches instead to the gathered crowd of teachers, parents, and news media.

MELS students protest at Jamaica Bay >

This January, several MELS classes traveled to Jamaica Bay to protest the government shutdown and highlight the impact it has had on their education.

MELS students protest government shutdown at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge >

About 120 ninth-grade students from MELS, our Network School in Forest Hills, rallied at the shuttered Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center on January 17, 2019, in an effort to raise awareness on how the ongoing federal government shutdown is impacting their education, school and communities as a whole.

Pelham Lab High School: A Select Strategy School >

Meet Jason Wagner, a Principal at Pelham Lab High School in the Bronx, one of our Select Strategy Schools.

Crew Mentors: The Startup Phase >

The first semester of Crew Mentors ended last month and mentors Jharol and Laiba are getting ready for the spring semester. Like any good startup, Crew Mentors “pivoted;” that is, Jharol and Laiba have adjusted their original program plan to better reflect the needs of their “clients.”

CEO Richard Stopol issues a warning about the Disruptor-in-Chief >

CEO Richard Stopol reflects on how the President is disrupting our nation’s public schools in the New York Daily News.

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Partner Spotlight: The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation >

For the past decade, The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation has been partnering with NYC Outward Bound Schools to help us bring out the best in New York City’s public school students, teachers and school leaders.