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Board Members are expected to:

  1. Attend all Board meetings (including the overnight retreat in the years it is scheduled), along with the annual Benefit Dinner.
  2. Read, digest and remain informed about all NYC Outward Bound Schools programs, policies and initiatives so that you are well-informed about our work and can comfortably “sell” what we do.
  3. Give or raise at least $25,000 a year. In terms of personal giving, NYC Outward Bound Schools should be a major focus of your philanthropy. It is important that 100% of our Board makes a personal gift as many funders make this a condition of their giving.  In terms of “getting,” you should look to identify and approach individuals, businesses and foundations that may be interested in supporting NYC Outward Bound Schools.  You can also help by securing other resources needed by NYC Outward Bound Schools and its network schools, like computers, vehicles, etc.
  4. Make at least one visit annually to a school in the NYC Outward Bound Schools network or to a cultivation event.
  5. Help with our outreach efforts by, for example, connecting NYC Outward Bound Schools staff with school and other government officials potentially interested in supporting our programs.
  6. Participate regularly in your assigned Board Crew.
  7. Serve on Committees where your expertise and/or commitment count. NYC Outward Bound Schools’ current committees are:
  • Executive
  • Board Engagement
  • Board Recruitment
  • Finance
  • Audit
  • Safety
  • Staff Support/HR
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