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Karmela Herrera BillonesKarmela Herrera Billones, a School Designer and Chair of NYC Outward Bound Schools’ Great Place to Work Committee (GPTWC), is taking on an expanded role at the organization as Director of Equity, Diversity and Social Justice.

Through her work with the GPTWC, her contributions as a Management Team member, and her leadership around creating one common vision for our community and character work, Karmela has clearly demonstrated her commitment and leadership skills in the areas of racial justice and equity, said Wilfred Acosta, Chief People Officer.

The creation of this position is part of NYC Outward Bound’s continuing evolution to be a more equitable, diverse, antiracist organization. In this role, Karmela will provide strategic leadership, guidance, and support for widespread integration of and accountability for diversity and equity, through the implementation of antiracist policies and practices at NYC Outward Bound Schools. She will work closely with the CEO and Leadership Team to lead and collaborate on initiatives that leverage our collective differences and foster an environment where all students, educators and staff are embraced, valued and included.

I see this as an enhancement of our ability to both be responsive to the needs of our students and tap into their strengths, said Richard Stopol, President and CEO. “We are excited to have Karmela take on and bring her expertise to this role!”

With this new role, NYC Outward Bounds Schools, as an institution, firmly commits to disrupting systemic inequity and institutional racism in service of justice,said Karmela. “My hope is that our staff engages in a deep critical love for one another and the communities we serve, recognizing that our liberation is bound up in each other’s healing, wellness, and education.

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