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On March 20, five runners will participate in the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon for Team NYC Outward Bound Schools. Learn more.

To support Jonny’s Half Marathon fundraising goal click here.

Jonny Altrogge

How did you get involved with NYC Outward Bound Schools?
I have worked with NYC Outward Bound for 8 years and have played many roles, starting as an assistant instructor and now currently as a Crew Coach.
Why did you decide to run the half marathon?
I love to push myself and be challenged, and am currently on an Adventure Race team (think triathlon but in the backcountry), so the opportunity to challenge myself in my own city for my own organization who I believe in deeply is not one to pass up.
What motivates you to run and what have you learned from running long distances?
I’m motivated by pushing my limits. I love to do challenging things (everything from a 3,000 mile solo bike-pack trip to 10-day dogsledding), so any opportunity I get to push my body and prove my capability to myself is a blessing.
What do you think will be the most challenging part of running 13.1 miles?
The most challenging part of running 13.1 miles is if I don’t have enough time to get my body ready to run 13.1 miles. And if that’s the case — well it’ll still happen and it’ll just suck more than it has to.
What music do you like to listen to while you run?
I start with podcasts or books, then move onto music I want to sing to — everything from Mario to electronic.
Do you have any tips for people who are interested in running but don’t know where to start?
Just start slow, and find something that helps your mind. I love listening to books or true crime podcasts as a way to keep my mind engaged in something that isn’t how bad my lower back or knees hurt.
What are your go-to meals pre and post run?
My fiance and I have a tradition of post-half marathon bottomless mimosas. Pre-run is anything carb-y, typically like avocado toast, so something with some calories and carbs.
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