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School leaders, educators, students and staff from across NYC Outward Bound schools attended and presented at this year’s EL Education National Conference in Denver from November 30-December 2. Congratulations to all of these exceptional individuals and teams who brought their thorough and varied expertise to the conference and led meaningful, creative and engaging workshops:

  • Ava Pittman, a 10th grade student at MELS: “Affinity Crews for Building Black Joy” and “Fostering Belonging and Building Character by Centering LGBTQIA+ Students.”
  • Tom Rochowicz, Deputy Superintendent at NYC Schools: “Balancing Convergence and Divergence in Improvement Systems” (Also, see Tom’s essay in HTH Unboxed, co-authored by Aurora Kushner, our Director of Impact and Continuous Improvement
  • Geoffrey Roehm, Executive Director of Launch: “Schools of the Future: Ecosystem Design for All”
  • Leaders’ Dana Nelson and Caitlin Delphin: “Creating Inclusive Assessments”
  • Leaders’ Ishrat Ahmed, Kai Xin Chen, Abby Kirchman, Jeff Knafelc, Brandon Lotti, and Enddy Zheng: “Whose Math: Belonging in the Math Classroom”
  • MELS’ Rachel Ellis and Keiri Lagos: “Crafting Case Studies: Student choice for authentic products”
  • MELS’ Sarah Hur and Rachel Demalderis: “Banned Books: Unpacking choice, engagement and voice in a student-driven case study”
  • MELS’ Simone Sylvester and Kristen Tomanocy: “What It’s Like to be ______ (For Those Of You That Aren’t): Using Affinity Groups to Deepen Personal Writing in the Classroom
  • West End Secondary Schools’ Amanda Beck and Nicole Zernone: “STEAMing AOLS”
  • WHEELS’ Erick Espin and Anthony Voulgarides: “Critical Media Pedagogy”

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