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A School Without Walls

A School Without Walls is New York City’s first hybrid public school, built from the ground up beginning in 2021-22 with the support of NYC Outward Bound Schools, a design team and student interns. The school blends in-person and remote learning opportunities to best meet the needs of its high school students. This model supports students’ social-emotional wellness while also prioritizing individualized academic support. A flexible schedule enables students to engage in internships and early college coursework throughout their four years at A School Without Walls.

A School Without Walls was imagined with an innovative, student-driven curriculum as the centerpiece — combining individual “passion projects,” real world learning and community-facing action. Passion projects investigate, and potentially address, an issue that is meaningful to each student and their community.

In addition to taking stand-alone math, science and elective courses like languages, physical education, and coding, students utilize their flexible schedules to take part in place-based learning, service-learning, collaboration with experts in the field, independent research and internships.

For more information, visit

A School Without Walls
90 Trinity Place
New York, NY 10006
(718) 935-3012
[email protected]
School Code: 02M395




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