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West End Secondary School

Founded in 2015, West End Secondary School is a combined middle and high school that currently serves students in grades 6-12.

The school’s approach to education integrates best practices around student engagement with technology and an appreciation for digital literacy. The school recognizes that in an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, setting up students for success means building skills in reading, writing, science, and mathematics alongside skills with a computer.

College Access Learn more about our To & Through College program, which helps students plan for college and be successful once enrolled.

Utilizing New York City and its rich cultural resources as a learning lab, West End Secondary immerses students in authentic learning experiences that require investigation, discovery, and innovative thinking. The school is based on the belief that children should understand and interact with the city and world beyond school walls. Through carefully crafted lessons designed to spark their imaginations, students develop the capacity to become reflective questioners and critical thinkers who consider multiple perspectives while arriving at their own interpretation.

In emphasizing creativity, discovery, and perseverance, West End Secondary ensures that every child will develop the capacity to serve as this city’s intellectual ambassador into the future, and in a manner that is compatible with true compassion. For more information about West End Secondary or to enroll your child, please visit the school’s official website.

West End Secondary
227 W 61st St, New York, NY 10023
(212) 245-1506
[email protected]
School Code: M291
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