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These videos are instructional supplements for educators and advisory leaders to utilize when starting a Crew program at their school or rethinking an existing advisory program. Crew is NYC Outward Bound Schools’ signature advisory structure that supports students’ social, emotional and academic development, and increase belonging in school communities.

These videos were developed with three schools in NYC Outward Bound Schools’ Crew Initiative program — Boerum Hill School For International Studies, Lyons Community School and South Bronx International Middle School. Crew Initiative is a joint public/private partnership funded by the City and private grants. Schools that are part of Crew Initiative work ​with NYC Outward Bound to build the capacity to successfully embed a Crew program and culture in their school communities​

Belonging, Trust and Consistency

Crew is a space for students and educators to develop belonging, empathy, understanding and trust among each other. In this video, hear from students about how this structure helps them develop relationships that translate beyond Crew, classroom and school. 

The Building Blocks of a Crew Meeting

This video showcases the typical cadence of a Crew meeting — the opening, main activity and closing — and how all of these elements fit together to provide a complete experience for students.

Responsiveness, Authenticity and Student Leadership

Crew is built on shared norms and consistent structures, but allows for flexibility around relevant topics and timely issues. In Crew, students are encouraged to take on various leadership roles and co-facilitate the space to ensure it meets everyone’s needs.

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