Our Philosophy

  • EL Education schools are grounded in a culture of high expectations & high achievement.
  • Our students demonstrate qualities of leadership & active citizenship.
  • Our students get to apply their learning to real world situations.

Channel View School for Research is a 6-12 NYC Outward Bound school located in the “B” wing of the Beach Channel Educational Campus. As with all NYC Outward Bound Schools, Channel View is based on the EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) school model.

Our Philosophy

Channel View's educational focus is teaching a common core of concepts, skills and knowledge in an academically rigorous curriculum.  Instruction fosters independent inquiry and critical thinking through collaborative learning and teaching. Classroom learning is reinforced through learning expeditions that include case studies,  field trips  and presentations. This philosophy recognizes that all students can learn and there are many routes to knowledge.

Character development is greatly valued at Channel View, where our students participate in small advisory groups called Crew. Students, in turn, develop a sense of self-reliance, responsibility for learning, community and confidence.

Channel View firmly believes that families are vital partners in forming strong connections between school, home and community.  

Citizenship and community service are major  components of a Channel View education. Students collaborate with community-based organizations and participate in food, clothing, and toy drives.  Beach clean-ups, planting and maintaining trees, identifying plants for parks and school recycling programs demonstrate our school’s commitment to helping the environment.

Our Mission

All Channel View School for Research students will graduate as well-educated, involved citizens who have a love for learning that will enable them to embrace their future with confidence, tolerance, and competence amongst community while using the lifelong strategies they acquire in our school.

97% of our 2016 graduates were accepted to college!

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