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Making Referrals

Educators are encouraged to follow up with school counselors and social workers when they are concerned about a student. Teachers and sometimes peers are the first people to notice or wonder if a student needs more support. The best way to support a student is to follow up with a counselor or social worker to talk through your concerns.

Examples of some of the situations that require a referral 

  • An acute medical problem that needs immediate attention
  • An acute mental health problem that needs immediate attention
  • Worsening of a preexisting medical, emotional or behavioral problem
  • Threat of harm to self or others
  • Concerns related to alcohol or drug use
  • Cases involving domestic, child or elder abuse (be aware of reporting laws)
  • When pastoral counseling is desired
  • Ongoing difficulties with coping (four weeks or more after the event)
  • Significant developmental concerns about children or adolescents
  • When they ask for a referral


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