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Crew Resource: Remote Learning Reflection

Learning Target

I can reflect on my experience as a remote learner.

Overview of the Activity

Reflecting regularly helps us learn from our challenges, celebrate progress, and continue growing. On a separate piece of paper: 

  1. Write a list of your successes and challenges with remote learning. 
  2. What support did you give/receive? What support do you need?


Suggested Questions

  • Use the mood meter to describe how you feel after reflecting on your successes, challenges and supports with remote learning.
  • What are one or two things from the article that you would like to try out this week? Be prepared to discuss how they went the following week.


  • Multi-day lesson that can be repeated
  • Consider how you will help participants learn/review the mood meter
  • Consider sharing article in advance for participants to pre-read and annotate
  • Minimize the number of tabs open by posting an image of the mood meter and copying the text of the article onto the same document

Considerations for:

Older students: 

  • What skills are you developing as a remote learner that could serve you beyond high school (in college, masters, Ph.D., technical programs, work)?

Younger students:

  • Use the mood meter at the end of each remote learning day. What have you learned yourself as a remote learner?

Staff Crew:

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